Cases in Brief


Tobacco Industry

Through our intelligence work, we assisted a client to make one of the biggest contraband cigarette seizures in Singapore. The export-bound cargo was transacted through a few countries to avoid detection, but our investigators collected intelligence from various sources and carefully tracked shipping transaction in partnership with local authority. As a result, we successfully detected falsely-declared cargo and uncovered discrepancies in shipping documents that led to seizure of well over 120,000 cartons of illicit cigarettes.

Spirits Industry

With information gathered from industry sources, we alerted the authorities to the largest seizure ever of counterfeit liquor bottles and assorted embellishments in Singapore. More than 77,000 counterfeit bottles meant for transshipment in 11 containers were seized in transit at Keppel Distripark, as the cargo was intentionally misdeclared.

Movie Industry

Singaporean and Malaysian authorities conducted the first cross-border anti-smuggling operation targeting the pirated DVD industry. We were tasked by our client to provide appropriate intelligence and operational support to both the authorities. A Malaysian courier of pirated DVDs was arrested while delivering pirated DVDs to Singapore by Singapore law enforcement officers while their Malaysian counterparts simultaneously raided retail outlets in Johor Bahru. Online websites operated by the video pirates in Johor Bahru were also shut down by the Malaysian authorities.

Electronics Industry

Through industry sources, as well as investigation with latest link analysis and intelligence support software, a target company was identified to be dealing in products infringing our client’s trademarks. An operative made an attempt to purchase a sample product which was then delivered, and all the documentation and financial trails were also properly recorded. Client subsequently engaged legal counsel to bring the errant company to task for importing, distributing and trading in trademark-infringed products with our intelligence. More counterfeit products and packaging were also found at the targeted company’s premises when our client’s legal counsel and local trademark enforcement authority carried out a raid.

Automotive Industry

A client who produces a world-renowned line of German luxury cars suspected that auto parts and packaging bearing their trademarks could have been fake. In partnership with our client, an industry scan of suppliers of auto parts was carried out and as a result, several suspected rogue traders were identified. Investigation was subsequently carried out on targeted companies with emphasis on their trade patterns and supply chain. Purchases were also made and we confirmed that some of the traders identified were dealing in counterfeit parts and packaging. In-depth investigation also revealed that goods originated from China and Thailand were being imported into Singapore and later re-exported to as far as Dubai and other parts of the Middle East. Our client eventually followed up with legal action against the purchasers and dealers of counterfeit auto parts and packaging from the affected markets.

Pharmaceutical Industry

A client who produces one of the world’s renowned erectile dysfunction pills, came to know of a Singaporean entity dealing in counterfeit pills over the Internet. Purchase approaches were carried out over the Internet, and through a series of on-line transactions, the identity and banking facilities of the Singaporean entity were firmly established by us. Experienced field professionals then carried out covert surveillance and managed to establish the modus operandi of the Singaporean entity. Based on the evidence gathered, client proceeded with legal action against the Singaporean entity.