Management Profile

Yong Chong LIM

Chairman and Founder

Yong Chong LIM had held various senior positions and acquired the rank of Higher Superintendent in the enforcement, checkpoints, revenue and training departments of Singapore Customs during his eight-year stint. He dedicated significant part of his career at Anti-Smuggling Units, where he had received several awards for Outstanding Arrest & Seizure from the Director-General of the Singapore Customs.

Yong Chong also received extensive training in diverse disciplines such as Clearance Audit, Customs Control of Licensed Premise, Freight/ Shipping Practices and Procedures, Investigation & Surveillance, Preventive Techniques and Trade Financing Documentation. He was also trained by the FBI & DEA on Criminal Investigation at the International Law Enforcement Academy.

Before he founded Portcullis International, he was recruited by an international premier risk consulting company as the Regional Consultant responsible for managing Commercial/ Brand Protection investigations, with primary focus on criminal syndicates operating in Asia.  

Yong Chong is a graduate from the National University of Singapore, majoring in Economics and Mathematics.

Md. Shah

Managing Director

Md. Shah has a decade of experience in professional consulting in the areas of intellectual property rights protection, anti-illicit trade operation, corporate due diligence, training and trade consulting.

Md. Shah has overseen the multi-faceted business divisions of the company, and successfully implemented strategies for business growth and profitability.  He has in-depth knowledge of diverse industries and changing business environments, which enables him to capture business opportunities and to expand the geographical coverage and capabilities of the company over the years.  He has also managed complex and sensitive consulting projects for clients from the Fortune 500 companies and consistently delivered excellent results exceeding client expectations. 

Prior to joining the company, Md. Shah held management positions in the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Home Affairs of Singapore in various roles such as revenue protection, security operation and international investigation. In his ten years of dedicated government service, he had won numerous ministry/ departmental awards and commendations for Operational and Service Excellence.  Md. Shah is a graduate from the University of London (London School of Economics).

Md. Shah is a Certified Sustainable Development Planner (CSDP) and was instrumental in steering the company to become the first organization in Singapore to be a Certified Sustainable Development Corporation (CSDC) in April 2018.  


R Sivanason

Country Manager, Malaysia

R Sivanason is the Country Manager for Portcullis International in Malaysia. He is not only responsible for the daily operation of the Malaysian office but also handling key portfolio such as managing corporate investigation and developing new business opportunities. Sivanason is also actively involved in homeland security solutions such as designing and developing cargo security workflows and financial modeling for the government and industry in the country.  

Sivanason had worked in IT, wholesale and retail industries in UK until 1994 before returning to Malaysia to join a resort development company as Finance Manager and later Westport as Infrastructure Accountant. He had worked in various capacities including as consultant implementing accounting software for government agencies, and consulting in the design, construction, completion and operation of the Gujarat Adani Container Terminal in Mundra, India.

In 2000, Sivanason served as an Economist for Consumers International, a civil organization studying and analyzing World Trade Organization (WTO) Agreements and advising governments from developing and least developed countries on the impact of these agreements. During that period, he had also published articles on competition policy, intellectual property rights and on the highly controversial agreement on agriculture. Prior to joining Portcullis International in 2009, he led the finance department for a port and logistics company as the Chief Financial Officer.  He steered the company to be the single largest service provider to Westport, Johor Port and the Port of Tanjung Pelepas.

Sivanason is a Professional Accountant with a Master in Business Administration. He received his graduate and post graduate education in the UK.

Dato Akhbar Satar

Director, Malaysia

Dato Akhbar Satar is internationally recognized as a certified fraud examiner and polygraph expert. He served Anti-Corruption Agency for more than eighteen years with professional investigative expertise in risk & crisis management, contingency planning and corporate crime. He has been responsible for managing numerous corporate corruption cases and white-collar crimes such as forgery, criminal breach of trust and fraud.

Dato Akhbar Satar is the President of Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE), Malaysian Chapter and the founder of Polygraph Science Academy Malaysia. 

He is currently the President of Transparency International Malaysia, the accredited national chapter of the Berlin-based Transparency International – an independent, non-governmental and non-partisan organization committed to fight against corruption at all levels of society.

 In July 2018, Dato Akhbar successfully authored and launch his book titled Corruption and Crime in Malaysia.  The book is available at most major bookstores and online platforms.  

He holds a Master in Criminal Justice from the University of Detroit, USA.