Our Company

Portcullis International was established in 2004 as a business solution service provider to improve client competitiveness through business risk analysis and management. Our extensive range of services covers brand protection, business risk intelligence, corporate security and related training. Through well tested and refined methodology and application, we assure exceptional customized solutions that meet the competitive demands of your business.

Our core competence stems from skilled professionals such as officers from the Police, Customs and Immigration in law enforcement and commercial practices. We have developed unique skill sets specially geared towards protecting your investment, products and market position.

We have strategic alliances with risk management professionals internationally to offer you the peace of mind to carry out your business while ensuring competitive protection against unsafe investments, unscrupulous business practices and predatory counterfeiters everywhere.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is to always understand your internal culture, people, supply chain, customers and also external risks that stemmed from competitive market, legal, political and economic environment before designing customized solutions to maximize your market potential and success.

Equipped with expertise from a wide range of industries spanning from tobacco, spirits, automotive, media, oil & gas to hospitality, we take a holistic approach in understanding your business.

Our people are our strongest asset who set Portcullis International apart from other competitors. All are professional experts in their respective field who will handle your business inquiries with the highest standard and utmost confidentiality.

Our Mission Statement

We strive to provide stewardship and leadership in identifying and minimizing risks through our customized solutions, and to support our clients to achieve competitive and sustainable growth. We want to be a high-performance partner who exceeds client expectations and assists them to achieve exceptional business performance.