Our Consultants

Chris TAN

Senior Consultant, Customs & Trade Affairs
Chris TAN is a Senior Consultant for Portcullis International in the areas of cross border enforcement strategies, regional customs logistics operations, IPR issues and impact of FTAs on regional trade patterns.

He is a respected veteran of the Singapore Customs with over thirty years of expertise serving on various trade missions and enforcement postings both locally and internationally. Chris attained the rank of Divisional Director before his retirement.

Chris also accumulated extensive network of contacts from the public and private sectors in various countries including Australia, Ireland, Indonesia, Vietnam and also some of the remote regions such as Armenia, Republic of Georgia, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Mozambique, Myanmar, Oman, etc. He had also served as the Team Leader steering various Customs Modernization Programs in some of these countries.

Professor Michael M. BERLIN, JD, PhD

Special Advisor, Law Enforcement
Professor Michael M. BERLIN is a special advisor to Portcullis International on law enforcement with his extensive teaching experience in law enforcement, legal and police training subject matter expertise.

He has been offering courses to both public and private sectors which include criminal law and procedure, management concepts, organizational dynamics, problem solving, policing strategies, law enforcement techniques and criminal justice issues. He also has a solid understanding of the business and law enforcement operations in countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand with his extensive work visits in Europe, Central America and South East Asia.

Professor Michael M. BERLIN received his doctorate in Public Policy at the University of Maryland, Baltimore Graduate School in 2006. He specializes in law enforcement, criminal justice and management issues.


Special Advisor, Corporate and Business Development

Davy Devaraj represents Mercatus Capital and Eight Mercatus in Indo-China. Davy has been working with Mercatus Capital for more than a decade, through his involvement in corporate and business development for Mercatus Capital and its associated companies.

He served as the Chief Representative in Vietnam from 2007 to 2014.

Davy's core strengths are his understanding of the business and socioeconomic environments in ASEAN countries, as well as his extensive networks and business connectivity in these countries.

He has previously served in various senior appointments in both the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) and Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA), and was appointed Advocate and Solicitor to the Supreme Court of Singapore in 1994.